Luigi Lunari: born in Milan (Italy). Studied law and music. For twenty years, dramaturge at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, with Giorgio Strehler. Wrote essays and books on theatre history, on Italian, French and English literature and drama. Translator of complete Molière's work, and plays by various English and American playwrights, from Shakespeare to Neil Simon. For television and for the stage, he wrote various successful scripts and plays, in a very lively and satiric style, and - recently - in a more dramatic mood. His most successful play - "Three on the Seesaw" (1990) - has been translated in 23 languages, and is currently produced all over the world. Other plays by him are "Senator Fox" (1980), "Uncomfortably Close Encounter" (1995) and "In the Name of the Father" (1997), which is considered his most important work. His latest plays are "Along a river, under a bridge" (2003) and "The Fourth Man" (2003). He also wrote a novel: "Il Maestro e gli altri" (1990), an essay on "Maria di Nazareth"(1988), a thematic history of Italian theatre ("Hundred plots in the Italian drama", 1994), "A short History of Theatre" (1999), and "To be or not to be", an anthology of monologues (1999) and a novel on "Hernan Cortès and the Conquest of Mexico" (2000). In 2004 a "Festival Lunari" took place at Mantova, Teatro di Palazzo d'Arco, presenting "Three on the Seesaw", "Senator Fox" and "In the Name of the Father", all directed by Aldo Signoretti.

Luigi Lunari plays the piano and the trumpet, plays bridge, no longer plays tennis, does not play golf, he walks a great deal and sleeps little, he tries to eat little but with little success! He neither drinks nor smokes, he says he will never have a cell. Not a very obliging person, he has always had to "leave" something; the 'Piccolo Teatro', having drawn attention to the beginning of its decadence; the University, because of the excessive number of ignoramuses he was obliged to grant degrees to; the daily "Avanti", where he worked as a critic, because he refused to praise a firmly recommended person.

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